Here’s a quick collection of links to my web design and professional writing work.


There will always be a special place in my heart for the Kentucky Mesonet, where I worked for six years as a student web developer. It didn’t pay much, but working on a small team where everyone had their own opinions heard and areas of strength really helped me develop as a javascript developer and team leader.

WKU 2016 Film Festival

I made this really cool booklet that was handed out to all of the participants and guests to the WKU Film Festival. This booklet had some really particular requirements and the vendors were really great at waiting until the last minute to get me their advertisements. But it was really fun and I got free dinner out of it and met the guy that directed Hocus Pocus.


This is a 3d drawing tool that started out as a class project for my graphics class during my computer science masters. I’ve since cleaned it up and given it a domain name. Suggest edits via the github repo and see dev changes on the dev branch.

WKU Goldenrod

I made the booklets for the 2016, 2015, 2014, and 2013 Goldenrod poetry contests. I’m really bad at writing poems, but I know how margins work okay?


For a few years now I’m been on the ACM XRDS team. I started with Factoids and Grants & Scholarships, then took over the new Careers department.


All of my research and other experience is listed in my CV.