Today’s post will be different from my usual “stream of consciousness” style. Instead, I want to share the fruit of my labors experimenting with similar site search engines.

I set out to find an engine that exposed communities more than it advertised for already popular sites. So, I began with SimilarSites, asking it for a list of sites similar to itself. In this manner, I generated a list of search engines, plugging each into itself to get more lists, and so on. I tested each engine by looking for sites similar to arXiv, not being satisfied with any of the results—except for that of Although this engine is a few years dated, and its results are too, the particular algorithm chosen by the engine’s creators does well to dig up hard to find communities.

So here it is, a “complex systems roll” generated by searching for sites similar to the New England Complex Systems Institute, then sites similar to those sites, and so on until I stopped finding new content.

Center for Complex Quantum Systems

Center for the Study of Complex Systems

Complexity Digest

Complex Systems Journal

Complex Systems Lab

Complex Systems Registry

Complex Systems Society


Institute for the Study of Coherence and Emergence



Research on Complex Systems

Social Dynamics Lab

If I missed any communities, let me know here, on Twitter, or share it in the subreddit. ∎

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